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Wedding Caterers in the Lake District Vintage Wedding region

Aside from the Wedding Dress, the most talked about thing about a North West or New England Wedding is the food. Choosing a Wedding Caterer allows you the freedom to choose your own Wedding and Reception Location in the North West or New England region, whether it be a simple garden cocktail wedding or a lavish sit down meal in a marquee with a string quartet. It also allows for more freedom when it comes to creating a fresh and innovative menu.

Choose a Wedding Caterer from the North West or New England region because you want the food to be delicious, the service efficient and of course everything to run smoothly.  With the correct atmosphere and theming, experienced and professional Wedding Caterers can make your Wedding Day even more special and memorable. Beautifully prepared food and fantastic wine can appeal to the senses of taste, smell, and sight - perhaps even touch, but the decorations and ambiance can play a significant part in a memorable Wedding Day.

A North West or New England Wedding Caterer can serve food with waiting staff at dining tables or set up a self-serve buffet. The food may be prepared on site, made completely at the event, or the North West or New England Wedding Caterer may choose to bring prepared food and put the finishing touches on once it arrives at your chosen location in Tamworth, Glen Innes, Armidale, Moree or Inverell .

Choose the food for your North West or New England Wedding
Firstly you need to decide what type of Wedding you would like to have, whether it be a buffet, banquet, cocktail, finger food, 3 course A La Carte, 10 course degustation, carvery or a spit roast.

Base your menu on the style and theme of your North West or New England Wedding. Have a look at your guest profile, and determine special dietary requirements and ethnic requirements. Include variation in the menu so that you will satisfy the tastes of all your guests. It is best to combine meat, seafood and poultry with vegetarian options. A combination of hot and cold dishes, sweet and savoury is also advisable. Portion sizes can be difficult, but rely on your North West or New England Wedding Caterer, they will do this by taking into account the profile of your guests and the duration of your event.

One thing above most when considering your North West or New England Wedding Caterer, ensure that they use good quality, fresh food items. Make sure that you make a time to taste test their food or ask your North West or New England Wedding Caterer to speak to one of their past clients.

Food options for your Wedding Day in the North West or New England region
A North West or New England Wedding is never complete without a scrumptious and delectable feast at the Wedding Reception. The dining experience should be satisfying and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Buffet Style
The benefits of a buffet can be that it is the cheaper option, stops the mix up of food orders, extra food for hungry guests and people can choose what they want to eat. However, there are some downsides, dishes can run out, can be difficult to keep it hot and people may expect to be waited on.

Sit down dinner style
The benefits of a buffet can often be of a high standard and nicely presented, it is nice to have a meal served to you and assists in keeping a formal structure to the reception process.  The downside can be that people may have to wait for their meals, leading to cold meals, portion sizes are sometimes not adequate and doesn’t allow you to interact with people off your table.

Cocktail Party style
The benefits can be more informal, social and interactive, allows people to choose what they would like to eat and try many smaller portions. Some people may not prefer this style because, it often can be difficult to hold a drink and eat at the same time, the wait staff can miss guests and often people like to be able to sit down and talk with people.

Special tips to make your Wedding Day special in the North West or New England region
A great North West or New England Wedding Caterer will be able to work with any budget and come up with a quality and inspirational menu. Remember it is so much better to have good quality food at your North West or New England Wedding and well presented smaller portions than large amounts of low quality food. A professional Wedding Caterer will ensure that your food will be delicious, the food and drinks will be served efficiently and that everything will run smoothly. Ensure you know your budget limitations and approximate numbers of guests you would like. Taking care in planning the right menu shows your guests just how much you appreciate them, and it will make your event more memorable for everyone.

When getting a quote from your North West or New England Wedding Caterer, find out if that includes cost for transportation, setting up and dismantling the tables and décor, and other charges. Catering is often sold on a per-person basis, meaning that there is a flat price for each Wedding Guest, ensure that you have accurate guest numbers when contacting your North West or New England Wedding Caterer, as this ensures you can budget and plan. 

Look for variety and value for money. Consider access for caterers, clear pathways for amenities and any noise/parking restrictions. Taste a sample of every dish before you approve it for your Wedding, see whether the caterer can match the style and theme of your wedding, whether it is the staff uniforms or the presentation of the foods.






















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